What are the child custody laws in Florida?

What are the child custody laws in Florida?

With sole custody, one parent gets legal and physical custody of a child. In a joint custody situation, both parents share legal and physical child custody. In Florida, joint custody is called shared parental responsibility, and both parents must approve all decisions related to the child.

Can I take my child out of state for vacation?

If one parent wants to take a child on an out of state vacation and the other parent will not give permission, then the parties may have to petition the court to settle the matter. However, if both parents agree, the child may be allowed to go on an extended vacation with the non-custodial parent.

Can a mother move a child away from the father in Florida?

Under the Florida’s Relocation Statute, the parent who wants to move the minor child from his/her current residence may do so in two ways: The parents may agree to the relocation of the child. However, this agreement must be in writing and contain certain legal terms regarding same.

What age can a child choose which parent to live with in Florida?


How is child support calculated in Florida for shared custody?

Child Support With Shared Custody Next, the court will determine each parent’s share under the Guidelines. Each parent’s share is determined by dividing their monthly income with the combined monthly of both parents. Next, the court will determine the amount of time each parent has custody of the child as a percentage.

What is the average child support payment in Florida?

FLORIDA’S BASIC SUPPORT AMOUNT The basic child support amount for a single child in Florida is $74 where the supporting parent earns a minimum wage/salary of $650.