How do I file an uncontested divorce in NJ?

How do I file an uncontested divorce in NJ?

To file for an uncontested divorce: Defendant should file an Appearance forms stating that the defendant does not contest the divorce, but is prepared to appear before the court on whatever issues the two spouses will be resolving in the divorce. The $175 filing fee is still required.

Is NJ No Fault Divorce?

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The law now allows for a true no-fault divorce based on either spouse claiming irreconcilable differences. You or your spouse must have lived in New Jersey for 12 consecutive months before the filing of the divorce complaint. You and your spouse must have experienced irreconcilable differences for six months.

Is cheating grounds for divorce in NJ?

Morris County, NJ Adultery Lawyers Identify Grounds for Divorce. In New Jersey, spouses filing for divorce must choose either “no-fault” or “fault” based divorce. Fault divorce can be filed on the grounds of misconduct by a spouse during the marriage. One of the accepted types of misconduct is adultery.5 days ago