What do you write in a divorce petition?

What do you write in a divorce petition?

Contents of a Divorce PetitionThe legal names and addresses of both spouses.The date and place that the spouses were married.Any minors belonging to both parties.Whether the petitioner has lived in the county long enough to become a resident so that they can file the petition. The grounds for divorce.

How long is a petition for divorce valid?

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Divorce papers that have not been filed do not expire (whereas if a marital settlement agreement that has been filed but not ratified will be dismissed by the court for lack of record activity in 1 year). When you say you signed a petition I assume you also mean a marital settlement agreement.

What happens after a divorce petition is filed?

After a divorce/dissolution petition is filed with the court, the petitioner (usually through his or her lawyer) makes sure that the petition is “served” (legally delivered) on the other spouse. He or she must respond to (“answer”) the petition within a certain time (usually about three weeks).

Is it better to be the petitioner in a divorce?

The petitioner has the option of asking the court to make an order that the other party pays their legal costs relating to the divorce. In those circumstances, it may well be advantageous to be the petitioner, so that you ensure your chosen jurisdiction presides.

What can I ask for in a divorce settlement?

Considerations to Make About What to Ask for in a Divorce SettlementMarital Home. Life Insurance and Health Insurance Policies. Division of Debt. Private School Tuition and College Tuition. Family Heirlooms and Jewelry. Parenting Time. Retirement Funds.