Can step parents sign school papers?

Can step parents sign school papers?

As a step-parent you don’t automatically have legal parental responsibility for your stepchild. This means you can’t legally authorise medical care, apply for passports, sign school forms and so on. Even after biological parents separate, they still have shared parental responsibility.

Can my wife adopt my child without biological father’s consent?

If a parent does not have Parental Responsibility (PR), the court is not required to have their consent before making an adoption order. However, if this parent has a close connection with their child, it is likely the court will want to find out their views, as well as the child’s.

Can a child choose to be adopted by a step parent?

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It is possible for other people to also have parental responsibility. However, children over 18 can only be adopted if they were cared for as a child by the step-parent. In New South Wales, children aged over 12 can consent to their own adoption. Notice of this consent can be given to the non-custodial parent.