What are the mediation techniques?

What are the mediation techniques?

Following are a few mediation techniques for managing emotions during mediation:Cultivate an environment of safety and trust. Take a deep breath and sit back. If it becomes destructive, return to the process. Bring parties back into the present moment. Recognize emotion as opportunity.

What are five traits of a good peer mediator?

Personal Skills and Abilities Trainees should have personal qualities that will make them good mediators. These might include communication skills, the respect of their peers, self-confidence, empathy, leadership potential, willingness to receive feedback, ability to speak in front of groups, and so on.

How do I start a peer mediation program?

How Do I Start a Peer Mediation Program at My School?Start with an informal survey of students and educators at the school. Enlist students to join the cause. Perform a more formal survey. Compile research. Find out what peer mediation resources exist in your community. Make a presentation. Bring in appropriate training. Make more presentations.Weitere Einträge…•