Can both parties use the same lawyer in a divorce?

Can both parties use the same lawyer in a divorce?

Often they will assume that to make things smoother (and more cost-effective) if they use the same lawyer. They approach us and ask if we can represent both parties in the divorce. The simple answer is no. In a divorce where the parties do not agree from the beginning, each hires his or her lawyer.

Can the same law firm represent both parties?

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In New South Wales the same solicitor may act for both parties, but the Law Society’s Code of Practice states: “Each party should be informed in writing that the solicitor . acts for the other party and of the potential for future dispute and additional expense.

How do uncontested divorces work?

In an uncontested divorce, couples can reach an agreement on the financial terms and division of assets before the case goes to court. This is called a Matrimonial Property and Settlement Agreement. A settlement by definition means that neither spouse can contest it later because both parties have agreed to it.