Can you date while separated in Mississippi?

Can you date while separated in Mississippi?

It is commonly asked by clients, “Can I date others?” The short answer is NO. In Mississippi divorce there is no such thing as “legal separation.” You are married until you are divorced. That means either party could get “fault grounds” against the other at any time prior to the divorce being granted.

How does adultery affect divorce in Mississippi?

Adultery and other forms of spousal misconduct can affect alimony decisions in Mississippi divorce cases. Adultery is one of the factors the judge will take into consideration when deciding to award alimony. Adultery is also a factor in child custody cases.

Can cell phone records prove adultery in India?

ADULTERY BY A WOMAN CANNOT BE DETECTED UNLESS CAUGHT REDHANDED. 2015 Well advised by experts, such records will not help you prove adultery charges on her. Instead of wasting time on such flimsy issues, you may try to gather any other concrete evidence to prove your case.