Can you get married at Clark County Courthouse?

Can you get married at Clark County Courthouse?

Each ceremony takes place in a District Court courtroom, which can accommodate up to 25 guests. **To request additional room for more than 25 guests, please call the customer service line at (564) 397-2424.

How do I find my court date in Indiana?

To see a court’s calendar:On the Welcome page, click on the map of Indiana in the “Search Court Cases” area. Scroll down to find the county and click on the county name.There is a section for “List of Courts” on the county page that lists the courts for that county.Choose a day or week calendar, if available.

How do I look up criminal records in Indiana?

Indiana criminal records are organized in state-managed online record depositories. These reports may be accessed through a number of courts, law enforcement offices, and through the official Indiana State Records Online Database. Records may be made available to the public in the form of a Criminal Background Report.

How do I find my case number Indiana?

Go to the “Search Court Records” box on the right side of the screen, in the area labeled “Search by Case ID,” type the case number (or at least the first 7 characters). If you are searching by a partial case number, make sure to include a wildcard(%) at the end of the case number.

How often is Mycase in gov updated?

Is your website available 24 hours and/or does your website have scheduled maintenance times? The Odyssey case management system (including its Public Access module) is scheduled for regular maintenance every Sunday morning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m..

Are stock warrants good or bad?

Stock warrants, like stock options, give investors the right to buy (via a call warrant) or sell (via a put warrant) a specific stock at a certain price level (strike price) before a certain date (expiration date). Warrants are good for a fixed period of time, but they aren’t worth anything when they expire.

How do I convert warrants to shares?

The easiest way to exercise a warrant is through your broker. When a warrant is exercised, the company issues new shares, increasing the total number of shares outstanding, which has a dilutive effect. Warrants can be bought and sold on the secondary market up until expiry.

What does it mean when a warrant expires?

The expiry date is the last date on which the warrant can be exercised. Trading in a warrant ceases on the expiry date. Under some circumstances warrants may expire early including when the warrant has been validly exercised.

Why share warrant is issued?

Warrants are also issued by the way of preferential allotment to promoters, institutional investors, and other strategic investors. This allows such entities to increase their stake if the performance of the underlying business (and thus the stock) is on a high growth path.

Do warrants dilute existing shareholders?

Warrants are securities that have payoffs similar to plain vanilla traded call options, but a dilution impact when exercised, similar to employee stock options. As the strike price is less than the market price of the stock, this dilutes the interest of the existing shareholders.

How do I invest in a warrant?

Warrants are traded through ASX-accredited brokers. You may already be using a broker to buy and sell shares. If he or she advises on warrants, there may be no need to look elsewhere.

What are NKLA warrants?

Nikola warrants Each warrant (ticker NKLAW) allows you to pay $11.50 to buy one share of Nikola common stock (ticker NKLA). The trade was: Buy one warrant for $24.62. Pay $11.50 to exercise the warrant and get a share of stock.