How can I focus on work during divorce?

How can I focus on work during divorce?

Here are 6 tips for surviving the work day and staying focused on your career while going through a divorce:Notify your supervisor. Limit divorce-related messages. Compartmentalize everything. Take on more tasks. Find support outside of work. Stay healthy.

How do I tell HR about divorce?

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How Should You Tell Your Boss About Your Divorce?Avoid being too confessional. When you tell your boss about your divorce, do so in the context of your job and responsibilities. Let your boss know what she can expect. Don’t use the divorce as an excuse. Ask if you need to do paperwork.

How do you get over a divorce?

Coping With Separation And DivorceRecognize that it’s OK to have different feelings. Give yourself a break. Don’t go through this alone. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Avoid power struggles and arguments with your spouse or former spouse. Take time to explore your interests. Think positively.