What are Vital Statistics definition?

What are Vital Statistics definition?

Vital statistics is accumulated data gathered on live births, deaths, migration, fetal deaths, marriages and divorces. Efforts to improve the quality of vital statistics will therefore be closely related to the development of civil registration systems in countries.

What are the types of vital statistics?

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Vital statistics comprises a number of important events in human life including birth, death, fetal death, marriage, divorce, annulment, judicial separation, adoption, legitimation, and recognition. The term “vital statistics” is also applied to individual measures of these vital events.

What are the source of vital statistics?

1.4 The important sources of vital statistics in India are (1) Population Census (2) Civil Registration System;(3) Demographic Sample Surveys such as those conducted by the National Sample Surveys Organization(NSSO); (4)Sample Registration System (SRS) and (5) Health Surveys, such as National Family Health Surveys, ( …

What are examples of vital statistics?

What are vital statistics?Numbers and rates of births.Key characteristics of births, such as births by sex, location and maternal age.Numbers and rates of deaths.Deaths by key characteristics such as age, sex, location and cause of death.

How is IMR calculated?

INFANT MORTALITY RATE is the number of resident newborns in a specified geographic area (country, state, county, etc.) dying under one year of age divided by the number of resident live births for the same geographic area (for a specified time period, usually a calendar year) and multiplied by 1,000.

What is a vital event?

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A vital event refers to the live birth, death, foetal death, marriage, divorce, adoption, legitimation, recognition of parenthood, annulment of marriage, or legal separation.

What is vital?

being the seat or source of life: the vital organs. necessary to life: vital fluids. necessary to the existence, continuance, or well-being of something; indispensable; essential: vital for a healthy society. affecting the existence, well-being, truth, etc., of something: a vital error.

What is a decent?

adjective. conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc., as in behavior or speech. respectable; worthy: a decent family. adequate; fair; passable: a decent wage. kind; obliging; generous: It was very decent of him to lend me his watch.

What does prompt mean?

1 : being ready and quick to act as occasion demands. 2 : performed readily or immediately prompt assistance.

What is a good sentence for vital?

Examples of vital in a Sentence These matters are vital to national defense. The sciences are a vital part of the school curriculum. your heart, lungs, and other vital organs Exercise keeps her young and vital.

What does streamlined mean?

adjective. having a contour designed to offer the least possible resistance to a current of air, water, etc.; optimally shaped for motion or conductivity. designed or organized to give maximum efficiency; compact. modernized; up-to-date.

What does jolt mean?

verb (used with object) to stun with a blow, especially in boxing. to shock emotionally or psychologically: His sudden death jolted us all. to bring to a desired state sharply or abruptly: to jolt a person into awareness. to make active or alert, as by using an abrupt, sharp, or rough manner: to jolt someone’s memory.