What happens if you get pregnant before your divorce is final?

What happens if you get pregnant before your divorce is final?

If you are married and wind up pregnant at any time prior to the divorce being finalized, the court or judge is going to stay (hold open) the court proceedings and not allow the divorce to go through until after the baby is born.

Can you divorce while pregnant in Indiana?

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Dispelling the Myth: Yes, You Can Divorce While Pregnant However, there is nothing about a pregnancy that makes your divorce unattainable in Indiana. The courts may request that you return to court after the child is born to address the issue of custody, but the divorce portion can complete itself during pregnancy.

Is it compulsory for a girl to go to her in laws house after marriage?

In our society its considered as a shame if a guy is staying in his in law’s house after marriage (not even more than a week, neighbours starts talking) where it is mandatory for a girl to stay in her husband’s /in law’s house. It is considered as a crime if a girl is even thinking to stay separately after marriage.

How can a girl take care of her parents after marriage?

Often women tend to put their own self after everyone else, especially when it comes to spending money. Remember, if you are happy and healthy, only then will you be able to keep your family happy. So spend on yourself to keep yourself happy. If it makes you happy to buy something for your parents, do so.

Why do girls go to their husbands house after marriage?

In short, females are expected to leave their house after marriage to give legal hiership of ancestral property to her brothers, and to take care of husband and his parents and his children born as a result of marriage! Things might have changed slightly recently but the cultural practice doesn’t go away so soon.