How do I get a copy of my California divorce decree?

How do I get a copy of my California divorce decree?

Certified copies of divorce decrees are available from the Superior Court in the county where the decree was granted. CDPH only has divorce records from 1962-1984, while records for other dates must be obtained from the County Recorder’s office in the appropriate county.

How long does a Judgement last in Iowa?

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ten years

How many district courts are in Iowa?

For purposes of administration, Iowa is divided into eight judicial districts.

How do I find my child support case number in Iowa?

Call 1-(toll free nationwide) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The customer website,, provides case information, allows you to view payments, make updates, view information about our services.

Do divorced parents have to pay for college in Iowa?

Unlike some states which can require divorcing parents to pay 100% of a child’s college tuition, the most Iowa Courts can order either parent to provide is one-third of the total costs. Further, within ten days of completing each academic session, the child must forward to each parent his/her grade reports.

What happens if you don’t pay child support in Iowa?

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The law says if people fall far enough behind in paying child support, the Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) can “sanction” drivers’ licenses. This means they can suspend, revoke, not issue, or not renew the license if a parent is delinquent in child support payments.

How is child support determined in Iowa?

Generally support will be based on the combined net monthly incomes of both parents. Based on that combined income amount, a total amount of monthly child support is found on the Schedule. You need to figure out the portion of the combined income of both parents that is from the noncustodial parent.

Does the non custodial parent?

A noncustodial parent is a parent who does not have physical custody of his or her minor child as the result of a court order. A custody determination may be made at the same time as an order for child support or a similar financial obligation for a parent, but is separate from a child support order.