How do I find out if someone is in jail in Massachusetts?

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Massachusetts?

Visit VINELink to search for Massachusetts inmates online. To find inmates with this search tool, you have to provide their full first and last names or their inmate ID Numbers. Members of the public may also call VINELink at (866) 277-7477 to ask about the locations of inmates in MADOC-controlled facilities.

What’s a magistrates?

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Magistrates (also called Justices of the Peace) are ordinary people who hear cases in court in their community. They sit in benches of three, including two ‘wingers’ and one who sits in the centre who has received special training to act as chair, known as the Presiding Justice.

What do you address a magistrate as?

Local Court Magistrates should be addressed as “Your Honour” in court, as “Magistrate …” outside of court.

How are lay magistrates selected?

Magistrates are recruited and selected by a network of 23 local advisory committees made up of serving magistrates and local non-magistrate members. The Lord Chief Justice is responsible in legislation for the appointment of magistrates.

What does a lay magistrate do?

Magistrates try 97% of criminal cases. Jayne and Jims criminal cases will be dealt with by lay magistrates. The role of the magistrates will be to determine from the evidence given whether they are guilty or not guilty, and if the defendant is found guilty the magistrate will pass a sentence on them.

What is the difference between a jury and a magistrate?

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Magistrates are volunteer judges who are not legally trained and can be any member of the public from 18yrs of age to 65. A jury member is a randomly chosen member of the public who is selected to sit as part of a panel of 12 poeple in the Crown Court who decide whether the Defendant is guilt or not guilty of a crime.