Is my ex wife entitled to my military pension UK?

Is my ex wife entitled to my military pension UK?

Veterans UK will only pay the pension payments to the person who has served in the armed forces unless there is a court order telling them to pay the pension to the ex-spouse. The court does not have the power to deal with just one asset on a divorce, all the financial assets need to be dealt with in the order.

Should I go to my ex sister in laws funeral?

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Be respectful of the mourning process. Do not go to a funeral because you know your ex-sister-in-law is going to be there and you want to collect the money she owes you, that hits the bell for the heights of bad taste. The funeral is a time to celebrate the life and impact of the person who has died.

What can I do instead of a funeral?

8 Guilt-Free Alternatives to a Funeral1) Create a shrine in your house. Okay, the word shrine probably makes this seem creepy. 2) Hold a birthday or anniversary memorial. 3) Create a personal ceremony at the gravesite. 4) Spread the ashes. 5) Create a new tradition. 6) Skip the church and the funeral home. 7) Plant a tree. 8) Create a memorial book.

What do you say to an ex when their parent dies?

There are only so many times you can say “My condolences to you, ” “Your family is in my prayers,” or “I’m sorry for your loss” before you start to sound less than genuine. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be the very thing that gets them through this trauma, only time will.