What is the difference between lawyer and advocate?

What is the difference between lawyer and advocate?

Lawyer is a person who is still in the process of pursuing Law/LL. B. This person is not eligible to stand in the court on behalf of his/her client although he/she can give legal advice. On the other hand the advocate is a special type of lawyer who can stand in favour of a client in a court.

Do you legally have to stand for a judge?

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When a Judicial officer (Justice / Judge / Master / Commissioner / Magistrate) enters or leaves the courtroom, it is customary to stand and bow and remain standing until the Judicial Officer has departed. The following are not permitted in the courtroom: talking, smoking, eating and chewing gum.

What happens if you don’t stand up in court?

You stand up to a judge, you will be found in contempt of court and suffer the consequences. If you are physically capable and refuse to do so, you could be held in contempt.

What happens if you don’t stand when a judge enters?

You may feel this is only courtroom etiquette, but it is not optional and if you refuse it very well may result in a contempt of court charge. Perhaps the judge will feel your disrespect for the courtroom warrants a fine, few hours or days behind bars to teach you manners.

Why do judges demand respect?

Because they’re machines processing thousands of cases. If they don’t demand respect, the proceedings get out of control, take forever, get tangled up and confused, which leads to a delay in justice to other people who are waiting for their cases to be heard. Its more out of necessity than anything else.