Who has custody of child if not married in Michigan?

Who has custody of child if not married in Michigan?

Child custody rights are somewhat different for unmarried parents. Until a biological father obtains an order from a court as to his custody rights, primary custody is presumed to be with the mother. This is true whether a paternity action is filed, or the parties execute an Affidavit of Parentage at the child’s birth.

Who has custody of a child in Michigan?

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The mother has custody of the child unless the local family court or parents agree on something else in writing. When a parent has custody, this means the child will live with that parent. Either parent may file a claim at their local family court for parenting time or custody.

How old does a child have to be to choose who he lives with?

When a child reaches the age of 16 they are legally able to decide where they wish to live unless there is a residence order or child arrangements order specifying living arrangements which lasts until a young person is 18.

What do you do when your child chooses to live with the other parent?

How to Respond When Your Child Wants Their Other ParentDon’t Take It At Face Value. Your child may be very frustrated in this moment, expressing them self in such a way that may cause you some heartbreak. Have Empathy for Your Child’s Emotions. Look at the situation from your child’s perspective. Keep Your Composure. Stand Your Ground Peacefully.