Is Minnesota an equitable distribution state?

Is Minnesota an equitable distribution state?

Minnesota is not a “community property” state, in which all marital property is divided directly in half. Instead, Minnesota (as most other states) adheres to the concept of equitable distribution. This is a more comprehensive and nuanced method, in which the judge decides what is equitable (or fair) for both parties.

How is child support calculated in Minnesota?

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Whichever parent has/will have physical custody of the children for the lesser amount of time during a given year, multiply that parent’s percentage of the combined income (his/her income divided by the parties’ total combined income) by the total child support obligation.

What should you bring to a child support hearing?

Some of the Documents to Bring Are:Federal Income Taxes from the last few years.Your pay stubs.Proof of a new job if you haven’t started yet.Evidence you are seeking employment.Proof of your financial needs.Details of any under-the-table income.