How do I obtain a copy of my divorce certificate in NY?

How do I obtain a copy of my divorce certificate in NY?

You can order a copy of your divorce certificate by calling 1-877-854-4481 if your divorce occurred after Jan. 1, 1963. The New York State Department of Health is partnered with a company known as VitalChek to accept all phone orders.

Are divorces public record in New York?

New York divorce records are not available from family courts, although they fall under the New York Family Court Act, Section 166, which determines public access to family law records. To find divorce records, visit the office or online website of the county in which the divorce was finalized.

How long does it take to get a divorce decree in NY?

Some uncontested divorces are resolved as quickly as six weeks, while others can take six months or more. Since New York doesn't have a waiting period, a divorce that both parties agree on takes roughly 3 months.

How can I get a copy of my divorce papers online?

You can check case status online. Divorce decree has to be obtained by applying physically to the court registrar where you have been granted divorce. There is some nominal fee to be paid to receive a certied copy of decree. It takes normally 15–20 days or a month to get the same.