Is Ryan friedlinghaus married?

Is Ryan friedlinghaus married?

Meagan FriedlinghausRyan Friedlinghaus/SpouseRyan is married to Meagan Friedlinghaus. The couple has three children, two boys named Ryan Jr. and Dylan Friedlinghaus, and a daughter, Briana. Both Ryan and his wife are not very active on social media, with Meagan having only 3 posts on her Instagram, and Ryan just using Twitter.

What happened to Ryan friedlinghaus?

Ryan and his business, West Coast Customs, were fined by the United States Department of Labor back in 2014 following a week-long investigation. The problem arose when it was discovered that West Coast Customs employees were listed as independent contractors, and paid a weekly salary instead of by the hour.

What is Ryan friedlinghaus salary?

Ryan Friedlinghaus has built the coolest custom car company in the world. The imagination and creativity he's brought to West Coast Customs has made them stand out above anyone else in the business. In 2020, Ryan Friedlinghaus' net worth is estimated to be $15 million.