When you dream of your ex husband what does that mean?

When you dream of your ex husband what does that mean?

If you often see your ex husband in a dream this means you have a lot of unsolved issues. The dreambooks do not associate such dream with your personal life. They recommend being consistent in order not to have extra burden on your shoulders. A dream about your ex husband means your past will let know of itself.

What does it mean when you dream about someone being in the hospital?

A dream about a hospital generally suggests that you or someone close to you needs to heal a physical, mental or spiritual issue or healing may already be taking place. If you are visiting someone like boyfriend or girlfriend at a hospital, it suggests that the relationship between you and the person needs healing.

Does dreaming about your ex mean they miss you?

Dreams where you're missing an ex These dreams can mean you miss this person, or perhaps certain qualities of the person. But it can also mean that you miss feeling wanted, or that you miss being in a relationship.

What does it mean if you dream about your ex sexually?

Sex with an ex: If you dream of having sex with an ex lover of yours, it does not mean that you still have leftover emotions for him, something that most of us misinterpret it as. Dreaming about your ex simply means that you are missing what that person represented and not the person himself.