Should you divorce if your husband cheats?

Should you divorce if your husband cheats?

Cheating is disrespectful to you and your marriage. You don’t need to accept it or forgive it if you don’t want to. In time, your spouse’s infidelity may wear on your self-esteem.

How does the cheating spouse feel?

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Despite the initial thrill of an affair, cheating can negatively affect the cheater emotionally. It’s common for them to feel anxiety, guilt, shame, worry, regret, confusion, embarrassment, and self-loathing when they contemplate how their actions impact those they love and why they cheated in the first place.

When should you leave a cheating spouse?

When to Walk Away After Infidelity: 7 Signs It Might Be Time To…Your Partner Doesn’t Apologize. Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to Get Counseling. Your Partner Doesn’t Show Desire to Put in the Work. They are Still in Touch with the Person They Cheated on You With. Your Partner Doesn’t Seem Committed to the Relationship. They Lie Time and Time Again.