Can a working woman get alimony?

Can a working woman get alimony?

In most cases, the wife gets 20-35 per cent of a husband’s net taxable income as alimony. If the woman is working, she can still get maintenance if the court feels her demands are reasonable, if she has dependants or if her income is not sufficient to support the lifestyle she enjoyed while married.

How do I prove my wife is working in a maintenance case?

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Wife is earning, how to get proof for the same for maintenance…126 votes. well she is working in gov’t school.. Approach the District Education Officer concerned through RTI and request him to furnish service statement of your wife for last one year. You can file the copy of the ITR , and also take out her account statements.

Can I work and still get alimony?

California’s alimony system does not require a spouse to continue working past age 65 just to pay alimony.

What makes a spouse eligible for alimony?

In order to be awarded alimony, you must show that your spouse earns significantly more income than you, or that you stayed out of the workforce to take care of the home or children. If you earn more than your husband or your incomes are nearly equal, a judge won’t see any reason to provide you with alimony.