Are Gina and Matt divorce?

Are Gina and Matt divorce?

Back in 2018, Gina filed for divorce from Matt following eight years of marriage. She listed the date of marriage as and the separation date as Ma. The two share three minor children.

What does Sutton’s ex husband do?

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Sutton’s rich ex-husband is Thibeault Christian Stracke. He works at PIMCO where he is the global head of credit research. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and is the father of Sutton from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ three children.

Did Lisa Vanderpump’s house burn down?

Adrienne Maloof describes the “massive flames” that spread in just seconds. On June 29, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof had quite the scare when a fire broke out across the street from her house, at co-star Lisa Vanderpump’s former home.

How is Lisa Vanderpump so rich?

CelebrityNetWorth estimates Lisa’s fortune at $65 million, with her money mostly coming from the restaurants she owns and operates with Ken. As well as appearing on Housewives, Lisa has her own spin-off – Vanderpump Rules. On top of starring in both series, Lisa is an executive producer of Vanderpump Rules.

What caused the fire at Lisa Vanderpump’s old house?

LOS ANGELES — A fire possibly started by a construction crew caused more than $1 million damage to a mansion once lived in by Lisa Vanderpump of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Department spokesman Erik Scott said that someone doing some waterproofing may have accidentally started the fire with a torch.

Why did Villa Blanca close?

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Vanderpump explained to the Daily Mail that the restaurant is closing not because of financial difficulties, though, but because the restaurant’s lease is expiring. Vanderpump said that the landlord planned to raise the rent significantly and was unwilling to negotiate a lower rent price.