Can you sue for sweat equity?

Can you sue for sweat equity?

Business divorce lawsuits are sometimes tactical moves designed to intimidate a partner into selling off his share in the company to the other partners. For example, a person with a 50 percent sweat equity stake in a car repair shop could sue for dissolution even though the business is making money.

Is New York a community property state for divorce?

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New York Is Now an Equitable Distribution State Only a handful of states follow the community property method of distribution. When a Long Island couple divorces and the court is involved, the court must divide their property in a fair and equitable manner.

How should a husband treat his wife?

And you value your spouse ten different ways:She needs to be number one. She needs intimacy. She needs you to be vulnerable. She needs to be praised. Let her be part of your team. She needs you to protect and defend her. Make her feel like her opinion counts. Share your life with her.