Does a will supersede a divorce decree?

Does a will supersede a divorce decree?

In most states, if you get divorced after making a will, any gifts that your will makes to your former spouse are automatically revoked. For example, California law states that dissolution (divorce) or annulment of a marriage revokes any bequests that your will made to your former spouse.

Will when divorced?

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Alberta’s New Wills Legislation and Divorce Previous wills legislation did not void a gift to a former spouse. this means that an ex-spouse may have remained the beneficiary of an estate, even years after a divorce. Once divorced, an ex-spouse has no involvement in your estate, either as executor or beneficiary.

Does a divorce change a will?

How does a divorce or separation affect my will? In NSW, you must be separated from your spouse for 12 months before a family court will finalise your divorce. A divorce does revoke parts of the will, including assets distributed to the former spouse and any appointment of them as an executor, trustee or guardian.