How are household items split in a divorce?

How are household items split in a divorce?

DIVIDING HOUSEHOLD ITEMS IN A DIVORCEMake a list, have an appraisal done (agree in advance to accept the appraisers values), then pick what each of you want to take. You may need to determine who gets the first pick and then agree to alternate turns. Decide to value and appraise only larger valued items in your home. Divide all items by agreement.

How do I get a list of assets in a divorce?

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Your list of assets should include the following:Personal bank accounts, shared accounts, retirement accounts, and credit cards.Real estate properties, any vacation homes, income properties, and land.Cars, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Can you divorce without splitting assets?

Both parties are asked to complete an asset and debt sheet. This is important because while separate assets are not part of the marriage, a judge could order separate assets to be used in an equitable distribution. Even assets such as a 401k is considered a marital asset and subject to splitting in a divorce.