How long can a contested divorce last?

How long can a contested divorce last?

The average cost of a contested divorce is $5,000 per spouse, and takes about 6 months. Some contested divorces can cost $15,000 or more per spouse and take 12 months or longer. Here is the basic process of a contested divorce.

How can I speed up my contested divorce?

filing for divorce online

7 Ways to Expedite A DivorceSecure all of your assets to expedite a divorce. Collaborative Divorce (if life was only so easy!) Uncontested Divorce. Hire a mediator to expedite a divorce. Try to file in a different state. Get all your paperwork in order before filing. Hire a Divorce Attorney. Contact Pride Legal.

Do you need to keep old divorce papers?

You should keep copies of all your divorce-related financial paperwork for tax purposes and if you’re paying or receiving child or spousal support. The court may need to see the financial documentation from the divorce to determine whether circumstances warrant a change in the support order.