Is daycare included in child support in NY?

Is daycare included in child support in NY?

The basic child support obligation is intended to cover food, clothing, shelter, and other basic expenses, but does not include medical expenses that are not covered by insurance or child care expenses while the custodial parent goes to school or work.

Does a non custodial parent have to pay half of daycare?

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In general, California family law courts will order that each parent pay half of the child care expenses necessary for the custodial parent to be employed full time. For example, if someone hires a nanny and the nanny has duties other than child care, the non-custodial parent may argue against their payment amount.

What is the maximum child support in NY?

New York State laws protect low-income noncustodial parents: If the noncustodial parent’s income is below the Federal Poverty Level ($12,1), the child support order may be established at $25 per month and the amount of arrears will be capped at $500.

How do I file for custody in NY?

Anyone can file a custody or visitation petition in Family Court. The parent must name the other parent on the petition and explain the reasons why he/she should have custody. Either parent in a custody or visitation petition has the right to an attorney.

How do I get full custody in NY?

In order to win a custody case in Family Court you must meet what is called your burden of proof. The burden of proof in the first custody case before the court is that the parent must show that it is in the “best interest of the child” for him or her to have custody.