Is my divorce settlement taxable?

Is my divorce settlement taxable?

Maintenance payments made by a spouse or that are attributable to a payment made by a spouse is exempt income of the receiving spouse. If a spouse receives income from an existing trust as maintenance payments instead of directly from the other spouse, tax will be payable on that income.

What is dissipation in divorce?

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Simply put, dissipation is the spending of marital funds, or use of any marital asset, for some purpose that does not benefit the marriage. Dissipation is money that is leaving the marital estate, thereby reducing what remains to be divided in the settlement of the marital estate.

What is wasteful dissipation of marital property?

Wasteful dissipation refers to a situation in which one spouse wastefully spends marital assets or purposefully fails to protect or preserve marital assets in anticipation of a divorce. To make up for the amount wasted, you would be entitled to a greater share of marital assets during the process of property division.