What are the advantages of legal aid?

What are the advantages of legal aid?

An advantage of using Legal Aid, if you do qualify, is that it normally protects you from having to pay the other side’s costs if you lose the case. However with Legal Aid you do have to make a contribution to your own legal costs.

Who is qualified for legal aid in Nigeria?

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Eligibility for legal aid, however, depends on whether one is unemployed or is without an income, among others. The Legal Aid Act, Section 9 subsection 1 to 5, identifies a person entitled to legal aid as someone whose income does not exceed N5,000 per annum or persons granted such treatment by the president.

What do you mean by legal services?

Literally, legal service means help or assistance or free service in the field of law. “Legal service includes rendering of any service in the conduct of any other proceedings before any court or other authority or tribunal and the giving of any advice of any legal matter.”

How do I contact human rights in Nigeria?

Email Us info@nhrc.gov.ng.Phone Number (Toll Free)Open Hours 8am – 4pm / Mon – Fri.

What do you understand by the term Nigerian Legal Aid Council?

Legal Aid Council of Nigeria works nationwide to provide free quality legal service to indigent suspect and giving voice to the voiceless. Elias, entitled Legal Aid and Advice Act 1961 for Parliament, in order to formally establish legal aid in Nigeria.

Why is Legal Aid fundamental in our justice system?

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Legal aid essential to exercise of Charter rights Legal aid is required to ensure that the rights set out in the Charter, including the right to counsel, fair trial and the presumption of innocence, can actually be exercised by those who seek to rely on them.

What do you mean by free legal aid?

Free legal aid is the provision of free legal services in civil and criminal matters for those poor and marginalized people who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any Court, Tribunal or Authority.

What is Article 39 A?

Article 39A of the Constitution of India provides for free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections of the society and ensures justice for all. In every State, a State Legal Services Authority and in every High Court, a High Court Legal Services Committee have been constituted.

Are senior citizens eligible for free legal services?

Senior citizens’ eligibility for free legal aid depends on the Rules framed by the respective State Governments in this regard. In Delhi for example, senior citizens are eligible for free legal aid subject to prescribed ceiling of annual income. Any individual above the age of 60 can apply for free legal aid/services.

Where can I go to get legal aid?

Where should I approach in order to seek free legal services/aid?Taluk Legal Services Committee which is in the premises of the Court in that Taluk; or.District Legal Services Authority which is in the premises of the District Court in the District Headquarters; or.

In which section of Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 categories of person eligible for free legal aid is mentioned?

Article 39A of the Constitution of India provides for equal justice and free legal aid.

What is the main purpose of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987?

In 1987, the Legal Services Authorities Act was enacted by the Parliament, which came into force on 9th November, 1995 to establish a nationwide uniform network for providing free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the society.