What should be included in a retainer agreement?

What should be included in a retainer agreement?

Retainer agreements should:Always be in writing. Contain a statement that the firm has conducted a search for conflicts of interest and either (1) there are no conflicts, or (2) appropriate parties, including the client, have been advised of potential conflicts and waived them. Define the scope of the engagement.

Are divorce retainers refundable?

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Rule 3-700(D)(2) of the Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules) provides that unless the attorney and client have contracted for a true retainer (also known as a classic retainer), the attorney must refund any portion of an advance fee that the attorney has not yet earned.

Do you have to sign a retainer agreement?

Is a retainer agreement required? Generally speaking, many jurisdictions require, or at least highly suggest, retainer agreements in writing. However, no laws require retainer agreements for clients and attorneys undertaking a general retainer relationship.