Can your spouse get your inheritance in a divorce?

Can your spouse get your inheritance in a divorce?

Broadly, any inheritance received after separation will not be subject to division PROVIDED that the parties have formalised their settlement by way of either a Consent Order, Court Order or Binding Financial Agreement.

Is your spouse automatically your medical power of attorney?

Fact: Your spouse or next of kin doesn’t have an automatic right to make decisions about your finances or healthcare if you cannot. The reality is that only a properly appointed Attorney or Guardian can make these decisions.

Can a wife make medical decisions for her husband?

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Family members may be involved in making healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to make decisions and it is not a medical emergency. You can appoint a person to be your medical treatment decision maker in the event that you become too unwell to make decisions yourself..

Who is next of kin for medical decisions?

Then who is a ‘Next of Kin’ and how is that different? Many people mistakenly think that a person’s ‘next of kin’ can give substitute consent for their medical treatment. However, in NSW under the Guardianship Act, it is the Person Responsible who makes decisions on behalf of a person who has lost capacity.