Can I file for alimony without divorce?

Can I file for alimony without divorce?

It’s extremely rare for someone to request alimony separate from divorce these days, but it is possible. In an interesting 2009 case that illustrates the importance of having a family lawyer represent you through your divorce, a couple were married and had two children.

Does alimony affect unemployment?

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Unemployment will not be affected by spousal support but the amount of support could be, see an attorney.

Should you stay married after infidelity?

If you and your spouse choose to stay together after infidelity strikes, you need to work towards a place of forgiveness. You can’t expect to experience infidelity one day and be fine the next. If your spouse has cheated, they need to understand that you will need time to forgive.

Should you forgive a cheating spouse?

Forgiving is a Step Toward Trusting Again Cheating shatters trust and the ability to trust, and forgiveness is one step you need to rebuild it. People who can’t forgive cheating carry resentment, Friedman said. This resentment can prevent people from being honest and trusting.