What is the difference between a judge and a master?

What is the difference between a judge and a master?

What is the difference between a judge, a Master and a Justice? Judges are appointed to the Provincial Court, while Masters and Justices are appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench. For example, a Master has the jurisdiction (the power) to hear many procedural matters.

Can I call a judge Sir?

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Federal Court Magistrates should never be called Your Worship, but may be called “Your Honour” or “Federal Magistrate.” Outside of court you may refer to them as “Mr,” “Ms,” “Sir” or “Madam.”

What is the highest rank of judge?

chief justice

What is a master judge?

A Master is a procedural judge who at first instance deals with all aspects of an action, from its issue until it is ready for trial by a trial judge – usually a High Court judge. After the trial the master resumes responsibility for the case.

Is a special master a judge?

In the law of the United States, a special master is generally a subordinate official appointed by a judge to make sure that judicial orders are actually followed, or in the alternative, to hear evidence on behalf of the judge and make recommendations to the judge as to the disposition of a matter.

Is a registrar a judge?

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The judicial officers of the Supreme Court of New South Wales are its judges, associate judges and for some purposes, registrars. Judicial appointments are made on the basis of a legal practitioner’s integrity, high level of legal skills and the depth of his or her practical experience.