What do you write in a divorce petition?

What do you write in a divorce petition?

Contents of a Divorce PetitionThe legal names and addresses of both spouses.The date and place that the spouses were married.Any minors belonging to both parties.Whether the petitioner has lived in the county long enough to become a resident so that they can file the petition. The grounds for divorce.

Does a will override spousal rights?

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Marriage generally revokes an existing will It makes no difference what a person may have written in their will. This general legal rule cancels any prior will upon the will maker’s marriage. However, there are exceptions and these can vary in extent from one state to another.

Can I leave my stepchildren nothing?

As a stepchild, you do not have the inheritance rights of a biological or adopted child. If your stepparent wants to leave you cash, property or other bequests in a will, he or she must specifically include you in the will. Otherwise, it’s possible for you to receive nothing, despite your stepparent’s wishes.