Can a parent lose custody for mental illness?

Can a parent lose custody for mental illness?

For example, should a parent suspect that the other parent has a serious mental illness (or the other parent has already been diagnosed), the Court will not take it into account unless there is evidence to suggest it has resulted in (or has to the potential to result in) an injury to the children or have an adverse …

How do you organize evidence for a custody case?

A Brief Guide: How to Organize Evidence for Your Custody CaseYour Child’s Best Interest. When making decisions about child custody, the main thing a court is interested in involves doing what is in the best interest of your child. The Types of Evidence You Should Gather. Your Daily Journal. Your Calendar. Flip Charts. Photo Albums. Your Witness List. Voicemails.

How do forensic psychologists determine best interests child custody?

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However, with a forensic custody evaluation, psychological testing, interview of the children and parents in different settings, and gathering collateral data (police reports, work records, interviewing third parties, medical records)1, the evaluator is likely best able to identify the sometimes very subtle, but …

How does a dirty house affect a child?

A messy house can have several negative effects on children, such as: different health conditions due to an unhygienic place, no freedom in inviting someone over last minute, restricted ability to focus, unable to find important items and learned almost inherited untidiness from their parents.