Can you move if you have shared custody?

Can you move if you have shared custody?

If you’re divorced or getting divorced and share custody, things may be a little more complicated, but it’s not impossible to live the life you want. When it comes to being able to move somewhere close to where you’re living now, you don’t need permission from your ex or a judge to be able to do so.

Can a father get more than every other weekend?

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The missing days can be made up with extra time during vacation. It means it says in your custody agreement the father gets visitation every other weekend or that’s what the parents have agreed upon outside the court room.

What does a 60/40 split look like?

A 60/40 child custody schedule has the child spend 60 percent of their time with one parent and 40 percent of their time with the other parent. The two most common 60/40 schedules are the every extended weekend schedule and the 4-3 schedule.

How many overnights is 70 30?

A 70/30 child custody schedule usually means 2 overnights visitation per week or, in more practical terms, 4 overnights per fortnight. Two nights out of every 7 is 29% visitation time, which makes it very close to a 70/30 percentage split.

Why do moms usually get custody?

Because so much modern child bearing is non-marital, and because mothers of such children are much more likely to have a substantial relationship with their children than are such fathers, mothers of children born out of wedlock are more likely to be awarded custody.

How can a father lose custody?

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Abusing your child in any way is the number one reason fathers lose custody of their child. Physical abuse could result in scars, wounds, burns, bruises, broken bones, head injuries, and wounds. Sometimes child abuse is disguised as corporal punishment, but there is a distinct line between discipline and abuse.