How do I file for an uncontested divorce in Louisiana?

How do I file for an uncontested divorce in Louisiana?

Couples can seek an uncontested divorce based on the fact the couple has been living separate and apart. Spouses must have been separated for six months (if there are no children) or one year (if they have children) before a judge will grant a divorce.

Can you file for divorce online in Louisiana?

filing for divorce online

For those seeking an inexpensive divorce in the state of Louisiana, online divorce is an easy, affordable and fast solution. Online divorce may be appropriate for couples who have an uncontested case. The step-by-step process of preparing divorce documents at makes it easy on you.

How much does it cost to file for separation in Louisiana?

The Clerk of Court fees vary from parish to parish, but expect to pay anywhere from $250-$400 to have your Petition for Divorce filed. This includes service and if you can talk with your ex and get them to agree to accept service, you will get a portion of this back.

What are the marriage laws in Louisiana?

State of Louisiana Marriage License, LA. Getting married requires you to pay a fee for a marriage license. Louisiana marriage license fee is $25-35, varying by parish and is required at the time of application. Legal marriage age is 18, minimum age is 16 w/parental consent.

What is considered adultery in a divorce Louisiana?

This means that adultery affects all divorces in Louisiana in the same way. Adultery, which legal experts generally define as a married person entering into a sexual relationship with a person who isn’t his or her legal spouse, is considered a “fault ground” (meaning, a legal justification) for divorce.