Is child support calculated pre tax?

Is child support calculated pre tax?

Deductions of child support are made after tax withheld deductions and formal salary sacrificing. This is before other deductions such as voluntary superannuation, health fund and loan repayments. Once you make a deduction from your employee’s or contractor’s pay, you’re legally required to pay it to us.

What questions do they ask at a child support hearing?

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What Questions Will the Judge Ask During a Child Support Hearing?How old is the child?How much is spent on the child’s food, clothing, and educational needs?How much for visits to the doctor, to the dentist, to the optician?How much for child care, for a nanny or babysitter?Are there other special needs that the child may have, and what are they?

What does a judge look at in a child support case?

Judges look at which parent can best provide the basic necessities of life, and also provide education and guidance for the child. Where a child has special needs and one parent can provide for those special needs better than the other, that is another important factor that the judge takes into account.