How do you get an annulment in Wyoming?

How do you get an annulment in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, you file a Complaint for Annulment in district court of the county where you’ve lived for at least 60 days. The spouse filing the complaint is the plaintiff, and the other spouse is the defendant. You’ll need to list you and your spouse’s full names, and the date of your marriage.

Can text messages prove adultery?

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In most cases, phone records are protected by privacy laws (depending on the state in which you live), so they often cannot be used as proof of adultery in a court of law anyway. Even if you find a text message saying, “Let’s meet at 8 PM” along with some dirty talk, that doesn’t conclusively prove adultery.

What counts as proof of adultery?

Also, adultery does not necessarily mean that your spouse had sexual intercourse, it could also mean you were sexually intimate. Therefore, most courts do not require proof of the adulterous act itself. Instead, most courts require you to prove: First, that your spouse had a disposition to commit adultery.

Can a wife get alimony if she cheated?

“Is there any way an innocent spouse can be ordered to pay?” Even if your spouse committed adultery, it is possible for the judge to award alimony. Generally, this happens when, considering the couple’s overall circumstances, it would be grossly unfair to deny alimony to a guilty spouse.