What information does a divorce attorney need?

What information does a divorce attorney need?

For example, a lawyer needs the address, phone number, date of birth and social security number for both you and your spouse. This information is often necessary to file a case. Your lawyer may also need to know where you were married, the date of your marriage and who officiated.

How do I protect myself financially in a divorce?

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If divorce is looming, here are six ways to protect yourself financially.Identify all of your assets and clarify what’s yours. Identify your assets. Get copies of all your financial statements. Make copies. Secure some liquid assets. Go to the bank. Know your state’s laws. Build a team. Decide what you want — and need.

Can one spouse stop a divorce?

All a divorce order means is that the spouses are legally able to re-marry. But, the law does not mean the spouses can re-marry in their religion. A judge can deny a divorce to someone who is effectively preventing his or her ex spouse from remarrying by using his or her religion.

How do I prove mental cruelty to my husband?

The married life should be reviewed as a whole and a few isolated instances over a period of years will not amount to cruelty – The ill-conduct must be persistent for a fairly lengthy period, where the relationship has deteriorated to an extent that because of the acts and behaviour of a spouse, the wronged party finds …