What is the difference between a family lawyer and a divorce lawyer?

What is the difference between a family lawyer and a divorce lawyer?

Divorce is actually a subset of family law. A divorce lawyer is a family law lawyer who does divorce. Family Law encompasses divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, paternity (establishing the legal father/child relationship), adoption, guardianship, orders of protection and other things.

Do family law attorneys handle divorce?

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Family lawyers are legal professionals that specialize in matters to do with family law. They handle legal issues that are concerned with members of the family. Such legal issues include divorce, child custody, and guardianship among others. Family lawyers can act as mediators when family disagreements develop.

What kind of cases do family lawyers handle?

The most common issues handled at family court include:Marriage Dissolution. Paternity and Child Custody. Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence. Name Changes. Guardianship. Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions. Juvenile Matters. Emancipation and Approval of Underage Marriages.

What type of lawyers handle divorce?

Therefore, a divorce lawyer must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights. They are also called divorce attorneys or family practice lawyers.

How do you handle a divorce case?

3 Steps for How to Prepare for Divorce Emotionally and Keep it Peaceful:Set an Intention. Learn to Manage Your Feelings. Invest in the Process. Don’t assume that your divorce case cannot be handled through the mediation or collaborative divorce process because the two of you aren’t amicable and have trust issues.