Divorce or Counseling? – How Can Therapy Save Your Marriage

The rate by which people fall in love is high, but on several occasions, the relationship crashes after only a few years into the marriage. A stat by World Population View shows that in the United States, about 50% of married couples divorce.

However, many other couples retain their marriage only because of their kids, meaning they only endure their relationship rather than enjoy it.

Marriage therapy has proven to help couples rekindle the fire of love. And here is everything you need to know about how counseling can save your marriage.


Start By Choosing the Right Therapist


A counseling session’s success largely depends on the kind of therapist you choose. So, how do you choose the right therapist? Check here: https://empathi.com/

Working with a competent marriage counselor is extremely important to offer you the best chance of succeeding. There are different aspects of marriage; some counselors may appear more skilled and experienced in some areas than others.

You can also search reputable directories or ask for recommendations for people you know.

And while cost, location, and compatibility are crucial elements, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a marriage counselor.


  • Look for therapists with certifications to back up their work and have proof of training and experience in their field
  • Engage them on the phone or during your first session
  • Remember, it is about your marriage, and you want to do everything within your capacity to get the best

Some questions you may want to consider asking them to be sure of their expertise include:

  • How long have they been in practice? The longer the years, the broader the experience and proficiency put into tackling your situation.
  • How much of their practice involves counseling married couples?
  • How do they define marriage success?
  • Do they have certifications and background training to back up their competence?
  • Do they ever think divorce could be an option?


Marriage Therapy will Improve Your Communication Skills.


Having marriage therapy will do more than save your marriage. It will also help you develop communication skills that will benefit every facet of your life.

During your therapy, your counselor will help you explore different communication styles, understand how cultural diversity affects communication, and ultimately improve your communication skills. Not only can this have a great impact on your relationship with your partner, but it will also positively impact relationships with your boss  and colleagues at work, friends, family members, and others.


Marriage Therapy Help to Resolve Relationship Conflict


Not all fights can be settled among couples. Sometimes it blows up so big that third parties must intervene to resolve and save it from collapse. On the other hand, some married individuals can easily blow up minor issues, mainly because of their upbringing.

Couple therapy will help to spot the aspects of a couple’s relationship that needs to be improved to reduce tensions. They also work through the conflict as unbiased mediators to resolve underlying issues.

Marriage Therapy Uncovers the Patterns of Marriage Crisis


When couples go for counseling, they unknowingly get into a pattern of doing things they find hard to get out of. They feel they can only resolve conflicts by yelling at each other or by just neglecting each other. After years of doing this same thing, they get into the habit and grow accustomed to the life that keeps damaging their relationship.

Marriage therapy helps to unveil these patterns and create a strategy to change them into more beneficial habits.


Marriage Therapy Helps to Move Past an Affair


Infidelity is undeniably a cankerworm eating down many homes. An unfaithful spouse can put the marriage at the brim of irreversible collapse. Even when the party who was cheated on decides to retain the wedding, the relationship is often littered with anger, mistrust, bitterness, and other negative emotions.

The dangerous part is that if this continues, years after, the relationship can still crumble if the hurt spouse doesn’t move on. Couples therapy can help fix this since experts have learned the art of how to overcome physical and emotional infidelity.


Marriage Therapy Can Help You Stay Happy


Marriage counselors do not only handle bitter marriages. People also seek marriage therapy to stay happy and build their relationships. You must find one even if you think nothing is at stake. You’ll find the therapist’s office a great place to communicate your deepest feelings.


Marriage Counseling — Not Divorce!

If everyone chooses marriage counseling, the rate of divorce will drop drastically. Therapy will not only save a dying marriage but also rekindle the fire of love and give a brighter future to the home.

Sometimes couples are turned off by the cost of therapy. But huge fees also apply to hiring an attorney and going through a divorce. In essence, couples must weigh their options adequately and invest in their relationships.