What city in the US has the highest divorce rate?

What city in the US has the highest divorce rate?

Cities With Highest Divorce RatesLealman, Florida.Florence town, Arizona.South Bradenton, Florida.Anderson, Indiana.Clifton, Colorado.Jackson, Michigan.Evansville, Indiana.Pahrump, Nevada.More items…•

What job has the highest rate of divorce?

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The 10 occupations with the highest divorce rates:Gaming managers: 52.9% Bartenders: 52.7% Flight attendants: 50.5% Gaming services workers: 50.3% Rolling machine setters, operators and tenders, metal and plastic: 50.1% Switchboard operators: 49.7%More items…•

What race has the lowest divorce rate?

At nearly every age, divorce rates are higher for black than for white women, and they are generally lowest among Asian and foreign-born Hispanic women.

At what age do most divorces occur?

30 years old

What is the black divorce rate?

Black women were the only group that had a higher divorce rate than marriage rate, with nearly 31 divorces per 1,000 married women aged 15 and older and only 17.3 marriages per 1,000 unmarried women.

What percent of interracial marriages end in divorce?

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An analysis conducted a decade ago found that 10 years after they married, interracial couples had a 41% chance of separation or divorce, compared with a 31% chance among couples who married within their race, according to a study based on the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG).

What was the divorce rate in 1950?

The idea of the nuclear, All-American Family was created in the 1950s, and put an emphasis on the family unit and marriage. This time period saw younger marriages, more kids, and fewer divorces. In fact, the divorce rate was 2.5 divorces for every 1,000 people in 1950, and dropped to 2.3 in 2019

What was the divorce rate in 1975?

The divorce rate promptly rose to twenty in 1975 and, except for a slightly elevated rate from 1978 to 1985, remained at about the 1975 level for the subsequent two decades. The National Center for Health Statistics has not published this series for the years beyond 1996.

What was marriage like in the 1950s?

In the 1950s, women felt tremendous societal pressure to focus their aspirations on a wedding ring. The U.S. marriage rate was at an all-time high and couples were tying the knot, on average, younger than ever before. Getting married right out of high school or while in college was considered the norm.

What was the divorce rate in 1980?

According to the vital statistics, the refined divorce rate declined by 21 % (from 22.6 to 17.8 divorces per thousand married women) between 1980 and 2008; substituting the ACS estimates, the decline was only 2 % (from 22.6 to 22.1).