What is the northernmost city in Alabama?

What is the northernmost city in Alabama?


What is the racial makeup of Huntsville Alabama?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Huntsville was: White: 61.64% Black or African American: 30.56% Two or more races: 2.89%

Is Huntsville Alabama Safe?

In general Huntsville is a relatively safe town with a high average household income and a high percentage of residents with 4 year college degrees. Lots of Engineers in the Huntsville area due to Redstone Arsenal, NASA and Cummings Research Park.

What are the safest cities in Alabama?

The 20 Safest Cities in Alabama#1. Rainbow City. New. Population 9,546. #2. Southside. +14. Population 8,774. #3. Mountain Brook. New. Population 20,373. #4. Margaret. +6. Population 4,870. #5. Helena. Population 19,387. Median Income $84,110. #6. Vestavia Hills. -2. Population 34,368. #7. Daleville. +14. #8. Pleasant Grove. Population 10,105.Weitere Einträge…•

How much snow does Huntsville AL get?

Huntsville, Alabama gets 55 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Huntsville averages 2 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

How bad is crime in Huntsville AL?

The 2017 crime rate in Huntsville, AL is 505 (City-Data.com crime index), which is 1.8 times greater than the U.S. average. It was higher than in 96.0% U.S. cities.

Is Decatur Alabama a safe place to live?

Overall, Decatur has always been a safe place to live, and cost of living is very reasonable. There are lots of places to shop, plenty of restaurants, a couple of attractions, and there is more of all of the above in nearby cities.

Is Alabama Safe?

On a whole, Alabama is not one of the safest states in the United States, yet many of its individual communities score very highly on our Safety Index due to low crime rates and well-staffed police forces.

Is Birmingham Alabama Safe?

Birmingham was named as the seventh least safe city. The city ranked 175th in assaults per capita, 140th in traffic fatalities and 136th in natural disaster risk level.