Who decides where a child goes to school?

Who decides where a child goes to school?

When one parent has sole legal custody of the child pursuant to the terms of a court order or child custody agreement, that parent is entitled to decide where the child should be enrolled in school.

Does Alabama have school of choice?

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School Choice Options In Alabama Families in Alabama can choose from traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling. Governor Kay Ivey issued an official proclamation recognizing Alabama School Choice Week 2021.

How does joint custody work with school?

If the parents have joint custody and time is evenly divided, the parents may choose which of the two school districts the child will enroll for the school year. In other words, the court must decide which parent will be awarded legal custody regarding educational decision-making.

Can a mother change a child’s school without the father’s consent?

Yes he can change the school in theory as he is the resident parent. However, you can try and block this by applying to family court for a Specific Issue Order and a Judge will decide what is in your child’s best interests.

Is split custody a good idea?

Joint custody arrangements can help parents learn to co-parent and reduce friction in their relationship. Also, a joint custody relationship takes the burden off of one parent. With joint custody, both parents have less stress and responsibility.

Will a judge split up siblings?

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A judge typically won’t separate siblings simply because it suits one parent or the other. However, if breaking up the band truly does serve the children’s best interests, it can happen. For instance, if a brother and sister are unable to safely live in the same place, a judge may separate siblings.

Can a sibling fight for custody?

In order for a sibling to be granted custody rights, they would need to prove to the court that both of the parents involved are unfit or incapable in some way, or the parents are deceased. Third party custody rights are generally only granted in emergency situations.

How does a judge determine best interest of a child?

Determining the Best Interest of a Child Courts look at the bond between child and parent when evaluating child custody options. This includes living arrangements, school or child care routines, and access to extended family members. Family court judges prefer not to disrupt a child’s routine when possible.

Why siblings should not be separated?

Brothers and sisters separated from each other in foster care experience trauma, anger, and an extreme sense of loss. Research suggests that separating siblings may make it difficult for them to begin a healing process, make attachments, and develop a healthy self-image (McNamara, 1990).

Do siblings have a legal right to see each other?

No. Currently, according to family law, a sibling does not have inherent visitation rights. If the child’s parents grant the sibling permission to visit, then the sibling may do so. However, the sibling legally must have that permission to visit or he is in violation of the law.

How often are siblings separated in foster care?

While there is little national data on siblings in foster care, estimates indicate that well over half of children in foster care nationwide have one or more siblings also in care. Some sources state that as many as 75 percent of these foster children are placed apart from one or more of their siblings.

Who determines the best interest of a child?

What Factors Determine the Child’s Best Interests?

  • Adjustments to school and community;
  • The age and sex of the child;
  • Whether there is a pattern of domestic violence in the home;
  • Parental use of excessive discipline or emotional abuse; and.
  • Evidence of parental drug, alcohol or child/sex abuse.

Can my ex get custody if I remarry?

While the act of remarrying does not in itself impact a parent’s custody rights over their child or children, if the remarriage is not in the best interest of the child, and a party files to modify custody, the court may decide to make custody decisions to best protect the children.

Is it better to be married when fighting for custody?

In some cases, the new relationship can cause difficulties for the children from the prior marriage–which can spill over into other areas, like behavioral issues or problems at school. If this is the case, then it may be beneficial for the parents to re-evaluate their existing child custody agreement.

Can my ex go after my new spouse’s income?

As a general rule, the only circumstance under which a new spouse’s income is taken into account in support calculations (except as to tax effects, where it HELPS you) is if your new spouse’s income is so high that it enables YOU to quit working and live entirely on your new spouse’s income.