Why did Melanie leave Jake in Sweet Home Alabama?

Why did Melanie leave Jake in Sweet Home Alabama?

Melanie married Jake right out of high school, barefoot, pregnant and going nowhere fast. She had a miscarriage. And then she ran away. For seven years she fled everything she had learned to despise(her hometown, parents and hubby), making a new life for herself (one of glamour, money and prestige).

Who does Melanie end up with in Sweet Home Alabama?

Melanie realises she didn’t sign the divorce papers at the altar so she is still married to Jake. She ends up marrying him instead of her fiance.

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Did Melanie miscarry in Sweet Home Alabama?

They got married solely because she was pregnant, she ultimately miscarrying. Since she left Pigeon Creek and Jake seven years ago, Melanie has tried to get a divorce from Jake, signing divorce papers which he has refused to do.

What kind of dog is in Sweet Home Alabama?


Does the dog die in Sweet Home Alabama?

87 What is the name of Jake’s old dog who died while Melanie was away? In one of the saddest scenes in the movie, Melanie goes to visit Bear’s grave in the coon dog cemetary. From Quiz: Sweet Home Alabama.

What was the cat’s name in Sweet Home Alabama?


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