How do I find my atlas number for child support?

How do I find my atlas number for child support?

Your ATLAS case number is listed on the court order and on all correspondence that we send to you. Or, you may obtain your ATLAS case number by telephone by contacting our Customer Service Department at

What do the letters in a court case number mean Arizona?

Case types assigned by the Court include Civil (\u201ccv\u201d), Criminal (\u201ccr\u201d) and Miscellaneous (\u201cmc\u201d). The number 17 represents the year the case was filed. The number 00010 is the number of the case. The first case filed in a particular year for each division is \u201c1,\u201d and so on.

How do I find out how much child support I owe in Arizona?

You can call or 1- or review online at My children are living with me. Why do DCSS records show that I owe support?

What are the child support laws in Arizona?

Arizona law requires custodial and non-custodial parents to provide “reasonable support” for their minor children. A.R.S. ยง 25-501(A). This obligation is not avoidable.