How long does it take fidelity to process QDRO?

How long does it take fidelity to process QDRO?

Because the content of the QDRO. Center has been customized to address each specific plan’s QDRO requirements, orders prepared via the QDRO Center are able to be reviewed quickly (typically within 3 to 5 business days), and are typically processed faster than traditionally prepared documents.

Who initiates a QDRO?

If you’re awarded a share of your former spouse’s retirement account, either via a court judgment or a settlement, your attorney will most likely draft the QDRO so it can be forwarded to the divorce court for a judge’s signature. 7 The QDRO is then submitted directly to the retirement plan administrator.

Who prepares a QDRO?

Attorneys do not typically prepare QDROs, as they are prepared by actuaries and companies specializing in QDROs. Attorneys often have QDRO preparers who they work with and contract for these services for a fee. It is common that both spouses share in the cost of the QDRO preparation.22 Sep 2015