Is there a waiting period for divorce in Arkansas?

Is there a waiting period for divorce in Arkansas?

There is a 30-day waiting period in Arkansas. This means that the judge must wait 30 days from when you file your Complaint for Divorce to grant your divorce.

What rights do unmarried fathers have in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, when a child is born to an unwed woman, the mother is automatically granted sole physical and legal custody. An unmarried father has no automatic rights, even if he and the mother live together or are in a committed relationship.

Can a father get full custody in Arkansas?

A judge can order parents to share legal custody (decision-making power on child’s behalf) and/or physical custody (parent with whom child resides) or one parent may have sole legal and physical custody. Arkansas law prefers to give parents joint physical custody.

What rights do grandparents have in Arkansas?

Grandparents in Arkansas can request visitation with a grandchild even if the child’s parents don’t have custody. The court can order grandparent visitation if it’s in the child’s best interests. Even if a child is adopted by other family members, the judge can still terminate grandparents’ visitation.